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Order terms and conditions are as follows:

I have read and confirmed all order details to be correct
I have specified my model, year, color options, name, number and other items
I have confirmed my shipping and billing information to be valid
Confirmation for orders will be sent to the email provided upon checkout
Shipping confirmation and tracking information will be sent to the email provided upon checkout

Payment Terms, Policies and Proofing Charges

First and foremost, Limited Decal would like to thank our current and prospective customers, for your ongoing support and interest. Limited Decal will guarantee customer satisfaction on all products produced. If there is a mistake made on our end it will be fixed at no cost, however if there is a mistake made in the order details the item in question must be re-ordered via telephone at 1-800-712-8889.

Credit Card Payment Policy:  Payment processing will commence once the invoice amount is agreed upon, prior to design work. What does this mean to you the consumer? Now you will see charges one to two days prior to shipping, where before you were charged on the day of shipment.

Cash Customers:
  Cash customers will be required to provide Payment in Full once the invoice has been issued. COD and other related methods of payments will not be accepted by Limited Decal.

Net Terms:
  Will be based on the customers purchasing amounts, longevity with Limited Decal, and will be reviewed by the Limited Decal’s management team on a case by case base.

Proofing, Changes and Charges

Proofing Charges:  Limited Decal offers two specific designs choices; Semi-Custom and Custom. Both allowing you the option for Proofing at different costs.

  A Limited Decal design is chosen, the customer chooses their name, numbers and logo’s to be placed according to their specifications. Color changes also play a factor. Each Semi-Custom Kit includes one proof and one set of changes.  Additional proofs are available at the cost of $19.95 each and include one set of changes. At the time proofing you agree that if you choose not to make your purchase you will be charged 30% of that products cost to cover our time involved in designing your order.

Full Custom:
Is driven by the customer’s specific design, logos and colors.Unlike the “Semi Custom”, the “Full Custom” initiates a $100.00 design fee, which includes one change and is non refundable if you choose not to complete your order. Additional changes to the full custom kit will cost $19.95 for an additional proof, plus $60.00 per hour for design time. Dealers need to call for specific charges for set up and design.

Special Order Items:
  Due to the numerous configurations and various in plastics, and colors; Limited Decal is unable to stock every plastic kit available, this also includes jerseys, tee shirts and so forth. Therefore when ordering specialty items with your graphics please allow an additional 3-5 business days for delivery. Payment for all non stocked items will be absorbed by the customer at the creation of the invoice, the remaining will be charged prior to design. Application of Limited Decal’s graphics on new plastics purchased together through Limited Decal can be mounted free of charge. Application of new graphics on your old plastic will come at a $45.00 installation charge.

Walk in Customers: 
Walk in customers are a welcome to Limited Decal, and we appreciate your business. Please call in advance, and arrange a time that will be convenient to all.

Helmet Wraps

As with all of our products, the material used in our “Helmet Wraps” is of the highest quality, with outstanding adhesion properties. This allows Limited Decal to produce a long lasting, detailed product.

Finishes on helmets vary vastly between how there installed and the manufacturer themselves. Limited Decal has found that during the removal of a wrap, especially over extended periods of stay, the helmets finish may lift, damaging the original graphic design during the removal process.

Therefore the burden has been placed upon the purchaser to except and understand the assumption of risk and possibilities of damage that could occur while removing your helmet decal. Limited Decal has identified the possibilities of damage you may sustain during removal; therefore there is no implied warranty, and or replacement if such damage should occur.

Thank you from everyone at Limited Decal.

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