We have recently teamed up with a Maryland Based CBD Company called Noetic Nutraceuticals…

And this isn’t because they approached us with some sort of incentive. I personally reached out to them after using their products and became a believer. Earlier this year I had a little mishap on the bike and ended up shattering my leg, and after months of pain and prescription pills I started looking for alternatives that didn’t have the awful side effects and was hoping to find something that would help me sleep through the night. That is when I found out about CBD.

Now I could go on for days about what CBD is, how it works, and how it will change your life but I will leave all of the science to the Noetic Team and link that below:


But in short here are a few things that the use of CBD oil can benefit:

  1. Pain Relief / Inflammation Reduction

  2. Anxiety Relief

  3. Better Sleep

  4. Fights Cancer

  5. Reduces The Risk of Diabetes

And the list goes on..

But in my personal use it greatly reduced the intense pain when I was recovering from surgery, and I still use it to this day to help with general soreness from rehab and as a sleep aid. Like I said earlier there is an abundance of ways CBD can improve your life and I will be posting about it more in the future but check out a few links below which I believe directly can benefit any one that rides or races Motocross:

1) Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Cannabinoids

2) CBD for The Athlete

3) What to do First After a Concussion to Reduce the Likelihood of Brain Damage

For more information CLICK HERE to check out Noetic’s website and if anything catches your attention be sure to use code: Thayes at checkout to get 10% off of your order!