What are we looking for?

Here at Limited we have a different outlook on "Sponsorships" and "Rider Support". While being fast and getting the W's does help, its not what it is all about.

We are looking for Riders that are personable that want to help spread the word about Limited and not only represent the brand, but Moto as a whole in a positive and inviting manner.   

So we are more likely to help out the kid in the Beginner class that tells 20 of his buddies about us vs. the Pro that never sends anyone our way. You help us and we will help you.

Apply Here:

We accept applications all year long. You will typically hear back within 1-2 weeks. 

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If yes please email a copy of it to sales@limiteddecal.com
If you have any social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.) Let us know your @ and we'll link up.